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We help to improve the efficiency of your brand and marketing. Kalifornication is an agency we help you to identify your real needs in terms of brand and marketing. As a second step we help you to find the right agency or freelance specialist o execute your marketing project. If you like we can control the whole process and project management as an option.
Brand management, marketing consulting, marketing support, freelance marketing specialist, marketing workshops, workshop moderation
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Hello World!

Kalifornication is born. We are a bunch of people who really enjoy what we are doing. We love to listen to your challenges and to be inspired by your stories. We grew together by completing great customer projects together and became friends. What we share is the drive for excellence and great results for our clients. With new projects new people joined our little network and each of them is a specialist in his/her subject. And in case you need someone, we might not have around our table, yet,  no problem – we will find them for you! And each of them will be great.

So we are excited and we hope to meet you soon and listen to your stories, to condense them into a bold message for you.

Gunnar Kläschen

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